Spaceport Vancouver: AI Community Meetup

Deep in the avant-garde hideaway known as Future Proof Creatives studio, a crew of curious minds convenes monthly to chart new frontiers in the vast cosmos of AI. Welcome to the Vancouver AI Community Meetup – a convergence of humans and sentient beings exploring the uncharted reaches of machine intelligence and creativity.

A Diverse Crew United by Wonder

Our mission? To cultivate a community as multifaceted as the AI universe itself. Open to all life forms – from code wizards to starry-eyed dreamers – our meetups forge a genuine zone for tangible insights, spacefaring tech discussions, and the transparent exchange of ideas lightyears ahead of their time.

Whether researcher, artist, entrepreneur, scholar or existential free radical, all are united by an insatiable curiosity to explore AI’s real-world applications and navigate the ethical nebulae together.

The Latest Episode in Our Epic

The most recent gathering? Oh, it was a spectacle of intellect and creativity:

  • VIP Cameo: Brenda Bailey, BC’s own JEDI… Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation, graced us with her presence, promising to turn the next meetup into a veritable who’s who of the tech world.
  • Return of the Void Mother: Picture this: Marina Tsougrianis, transcending human form to become the Holy Mother of the Void and Orbit Princess, spinning tales of the cosmos with her avant-garde flair. A performance so out of this world, it had me questioning her mere mortal status.
  • John’s VR Wonderland: Enter John Desnoyers-Stewart‘s domain, where VR and AI blend into an artistic escapade that redefines reality. His installations, Bardo and Starstuff are portals to other dimensions where physics is just a suggestion.
  • A Match Made in AI Heaven: Sparks flew, and ideas blossomed into a partnership destined to redefine democracy—or at least make for an exciting hackathon. Thanks to a serendipitous meetup mingle, Participedia’s all-women tech squad and Northeastern University Vancouver’s brightest are now on a quest to chart the unexplored terrains of Participedia data.

A Shoutout to the Heroes

To the speakers, attendees, sponsors, and that one guy who always brings the extra extension cords: you’re the real MVPs. Your energy fuels this spaceship. Thanks to Daria Yaschenko for supporting Mission Command.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to our diverse and vibrant sponsors, including AI Futures for Art + Design & Metacreation Lab at SFU, Vancouver Biennale, Creative Mornings Vancouver, Holistic Hybrid, Lindsay Bailey Law, AugXLabs, CMPFYR, Internet Masterminds, The FATALE Festival, Sons of Vancouver, and Coco Vodka.

Film: Viktor Serbin | Photo: Karyna Manukian

Each plays a crucial role in our community, from fostering AI innovation and creative expression to offering unique digital strategies and invigorating talks. Their support and collaboration enrich our meetups, making each event a wellspring of knowledge, creativity, and forward-thinking.

What’s Next? To Infinity and Beyond!

The saga continues with our next gathering in April, promising even more revelations, collaborations, and possibly, alien contacts. New faces and regulars, mark your calendars; this is your boarding call to the starship AI Community.

Join the Crew

Missed the last event? Fear not. Your chance awaits. Sign up, beam us your thoughts, and stay tuned for the next chapter in our quest to explore the AI unknown.

??If you missed our first two meetups, get a flavor here:

In Closing: A Galactic Salute

As we navigate this galaxy of technology and art, let’s take a moment to appreciate the constellations we’ve charted together. Thanks for being part of this interstellar journey. Here’s to many more adventures at the Vancouver AI Community Meetup—where every gathering is a step into the future.