Nightmare Job – MarCom for ChevronTexaco

I have such great friends. Knowing that my company has recently been acquired and that likely that will mean the end of a job I’ve really enjoyed… my friends have started to rally and help me find a great new job. Here’s one I received from someone who was very well intentioned, but must not have thought about how difficult and depressing the position could be.

Job title: Manager Marketing Communications North America
Name of company: ChevronTexaco

PR and Marcom for Chevron? Heh! Ya right.

What happens when another drunk boat captain crashes another tanker into an iceberg? I sure as hell have more important things in my life to deal with then helping a mega corporation save face in a situation like that. Or what happens when some African nation that company has been exploiting for it’s resources rises up and kills all the American contractors working on the oil rig there. Can you imagine? No thx!

I really do appreciate the help guys. Don’t get me wrong… keep the leads flowing. But, come on, anyone who knows me even a little bit well knows there isn’t enough cash in the world to pay me to be the corporate mouth-piece for an organization like Chevron.