Shout-outs. Vancouver Edition.

Time for some shout-outs. It’s been way too long.

My friend Cris is now a rockstar. Josh’s company Burnkit redesigned. Boris is working hard at Cameron took a wicked Marketing job with Playground. Mr. X is burned out with Pimps and Chuds. Jeff is taking some time off too I think. Paul is going strong with two thirty media. I’ve been bouncing emails off LotusModern and IGiveGoodWeb all damn day. Ashlea took a job with Tim. Jame is hanging with Microsoft. James drew some wicked icons for me at work this week. Scott is leaving for Calgary and Dermot ended up at EA. Dave is still doing business, and Max started a new one. Christine writes back. Jer doesn’t. Primal took home some awards. Jak is busy being progressive.