T Minus 7 Hours ‘Til WebVisions 2005

Will & Kris In PDX I don’t know if I should try to catch a few hours sleep or just stay up until registration starts at 7am. Anyway, Will posted first but here are a couple notes from our trip down….

+ The new Deep Dish kicks a whole lotta ass. I still like Deep Dish Toronto better though.

+ There aren’t many cops on I-5 south. I barely dropped below 90 MPH heading down here and no one seemed to mind.

+ The love affair between Americans and their cars is one I’ll never understand. Carpool lanes are empty and all the other lanes are bumper to bumper full of cars with one person inside.

+ I went into McDonalds today for the first time in months… only to go the bathroom. I didn’t even eat anything and I still felt gross after leaving. Will told me all about the chemicals they use to make shakes taste like strawberries.

+ Lee Lefever might be my long lost identical twin brother (either that or we’re the same model of Cylon).

+ UrbanOutfitters used to have the best clothes, for really cheap. Now they have the best clothes, but cost a ton!

+ Will Pate is Web 2.0.

+ Does anyone know where we can watch the new episode of Battlestar Galatica Season 2 at a pub or bar in Portland tommorow night? I’ll bring the geeks. You bring the TV and beer.