New Segment on CBC Radio Early Edition: AI Sandbox with Kris Krüg

Help Shape Our Sound: Theme Music Suggestions Wanted

Alright, tech enthusiasts and future-curious friends, I’ve got some news. Your friendly neighborhood digital flaneur is about to become a regular voice on your radio. CBC’s The Early Edition, hosted by the excellent Stephen Quinn, has invited me to contribute a recurring AI-focused segment. I know, I’m a bit surprised too. ?

Where AI Meets Its Beta Testers

We’re calling this experiment “AI Sandbox with Kris Krüg”. For the non-devs out there, sandboxing in software development is all about testing code in a safe, isolated environment before it goes live. Well, consider this show our sandbox for AI ideas – we’re gonna poke, prod, and stress-test these concepts before they break out into the wild.

What’s on the Menu

  1. Unpack the AI revolution and what it means for all of us
  2. Serve up some brain food that’ll get you thinking and talking
  3. Spotlight the coolest trends, the gnarliest risks, and the mind-blowing benefits of AI
  4. Show some love to the badass local and Canadian talent in tech and creative scenes

Now, before you think “Oh great, another tech enthusiast gushing about AI,” let me assure you – that’s not what we’re about. This isn’t about painting AI as either our saving grace or the harbinger of doom. We’re here to navigate the intriguing, sometimes perplexing middle ground.

Think of it as your weekly reality check on AI. We’re going to explore with curiosity and wonder, but also with a good dose of critical thinking. It might occasionally make your brain hurt, but in a good way – like a mental workout you didn’t know you needed.

The Sound We’re After

Here’s where I’d really appreciate your input. We’re looking for a theme track that captures the essence of our segment. We’re leaning towards something with an electronic futurism vibe, ideally from a Canadian or Vancouver-based artist. The right track should evoke a sense of curiosity and possibility, without falling into cliché “futuristic” tropes. It needs to be distinct and memorable, setting the tone for thoughtful exploration rather than sensationalism.

Here are some options we’re considering, but we’re very open to other suggestions:

Dan Mangan – Robots

Grimes – “Realiti”

Grimes – “Flesh without Blood”

Black Mountain – “Future Shades”

Black Mountain – “Mothers of the Sun”

Skinny Puppy – “Assimilate”

Kid Koala – “Drunk Trumpet”

Do any of these resonate with you? Or do you have other ideas that might better capture what we’re going for?

The Context

This segment has grown out of several recent appearances I’ve made on CBC, discussing various aspects of AI. We’ve covered topics like the psychological implications of AI companions and chatbots, exploring the nuanced balance between the benefits of AI for emotional support and the potential risks of over-reliance on artificial relationships.

These discussions have highlighted the need for ongoing, in-depth conversation about AI in public forums. As AI increasingly shapes our world, it’s crucial that we, as a society, engage with these topics critically and thoughtfully.

My Background with CBC

For those who might not know, I’ve had a long-standing relationship with CBC. Some years back, I documented the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which I later presented at TEDx in Washington, D.C. Stephen Quinn interviewed me about this work on The Early Edition.

One of the highlights of my time with CBC was sharing my experience documenting the Great Pacific Garbage Patch as part of the documentary film team that made Albatross. The As It Happens segment explored the impact of our plastic waste on Pacific albatrosses, showcasing the heartbreaking reality of these majestic birds consuming plastic. This documentary effort underscored the environmental urgency and the power of storytelling in driving change.

I’ve also had the opportunity to lead social media training sessions for CBC journalists, focusing on leveraging platforms like Twitter and Flickr to enhance media coverage and community engagement. These experiences have given me a deep appreciation for CBC’s commitment to quality journalism and public engagement.

Your Turn

I’d really value your thoughts on this. What kind of sound do you think would best represent a segment dedicated to exploring AI and its impacts? Whether it’s feedback on the tracks we’ve shortlisted or completely new suggestions, your input will help shape the auditory identity of this segment.

Drop your ideas in the comments below. Let’s collaborate on creating a sonic backdrop that sets the right tone for our AI explorations.

Thanks for being part of this journey. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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