PodCast Hotel Presentation and Photos

Last week Roland and I drove down to Portland for the Podcast Hotel. The event was for musicians, record labels and other people interested in podcasting, the web and audio recording technology. Thanks to Alex Williams for everything you did to pull together a great first event… it was great to see Eric, JD, Matt as well as meet lots of great people like my new best friend Schlomo Rabinowitz.

I presented on Friday about Web 2.0 and how bands and artists can take advantage of open-source and free web based tools to grow their audience, create new revenue streams, and connect with fans. The presentation is available here for download in PDF format.

Here’s some of my photos from the event and here’s a link to rest of my photoset on Flickr. Here’s Roland’s photos and all the photos tagged with ‘podcast hotel’ on Flickr.

Dave Linn


Roland Tanglao

Eric Rice

Scholmo Rabinowitz


There is talk of a west coast Podcast Hotel (SEA >> PDX >> SFO >> LAX) tour later this year. Good luck Alex and sign me up! 🙂

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