Sneak Preview of Drupal Flickr Module

SillyGwaiLo is sitting here giving us a super sneak preview of the Drupal Flickr module he wrote this weekend (based on BorisSkype Drupal module by the way). This thing is very alpha… and very hot. Unlike other implemenations of Flickr/Drupal modules I’ve seen this one is multi-user… perfect for community sites!

It adds your flickr sets, photos, favorites or rss feed of tagged photos as a block to your Drupal site. It automagically sucks in all the data via XML from Flickr and displays it on your site. It also sucks your Flickr photos into your user profile on a Drupal site based on your NSID (Flickr user number). The top 5 photos from your photostream (or any site users) can be displayed at the top of your profile page. In addition, it can create a ‘photostream’ page on your site imported from your real-time photostream at Flickr. It can suck in anything from Flickr that is available via the API including all the metadata too like comments, favorites, EXIF data, upload times, etc etc.

Colin wrote some code for Backstage that publishes photos to Flickr from a Bryght or Drupal site. I think they’re going to work on integrating their stuff together this week. Cool stuff boys… will be exciting to work the bugs out and release the code. 🙂