Rhonda Fast’s Photography Opening @ Wicked Cafe in Vancouver

My business partner, Rhonda Fast, is having a photography show at the Wicked Cafe in Vancouver. It’s a part of a 12 month series we’re running featuring emerging Vancouver photographers and Rhonda is the 3rd artist to exhibit. Her show is titled “Strike”. The idea behind minimalist art is that it lacks concept, focusing on geometric shape, monochromatic color palettes and anonymity of style. That’s where the journey for “Strike” began. However, as will happen, it evolved, concept started to develop and location became of utmost importance. Strike is a new look at the commonplace; a twist on the mundane of an iconic pastime. An exploration in minimalism with concept. The show will run for about a month and we’d love for you to join us at the opening on December 16th @ 7pm.

Wicked Cafe
7th & Hemlock
Vancouver, BC