BeerCasting from the Props Pub @ Blogs N Dogs in Banff, Alberta

kk+ Podcasting @ BanffLast night we got together and did some podcasting at the pub here in Banff. It was a great time… 20+ people from the confernce showed up, and in the end we ended up with 3 solid podcasts.

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Zen. Yoga. Spirituality.

Sarah Pullman, Len Edgerly, Val Gregory, and Nick Erly chat about how they maintain their focus and sanity in our fast paced, techno schizophrenic, modern wired lives.

Read Sarah’s post on the whole experience.

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Lee Lefever, Satchi Lefever, Travis Smith and Monique Trottier discuss technology and travel at the pub here in Banff @ Blogs N Dogs.

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The third and final podcast of the evening… check out Robert Scales, Will Pate, Hal Josephson, and Eric Rice in an America versus Canada battle royale.