Sono affamato, non ho Internet ed il mio italiano succhia

Checkin’ in quickly from Torino, Italy. I’m here with Robert Scales from Raincity Studios and Boris Mann from Bryght. We’re jet lagged, hungry, internet deprived and struggling to learn Italian… but having a blast so far in our delirious state.

The syposium I’m co-chairing with Andy Miah, “The Olympics and Web 2.0“, is on Friday and we’re going to be spending most of the week prepping for that as well as meeting with the media and some businesses who are also in town for the games.

We’re also ‘Street Reporters’ for ComVu’s Streets of Torino website. That is just a comp and I’ll get you a link to the live site as soon as it’s up.

I’ve also made about a dozen video blogs posts that I can’t get online yet because I can hardly maintain a connection to the internet. Stay tuned and once I get a fat pipe I’ll get that stuff up ASAP.

Also, the new Canon 5d is fun, but I’m definately not as comfortable with it yet as I am with my old Canon 20d that Scales is carrying around these days. Trial by fire I guess… by the time I get home I hope to have bonded with her and become one with her. I guess a good start would be to give her a proper name… any ideas guys?