Does My Creative Commons Liscence Cover This Kevin Corazza?

OMG, check out what I found tonight when I finally had 2 seconds to check my email. Unbelievable. That’s *my* trip to London.

“Kris, I’m a huge fan of your photography and have recently
came across someone who may have stole some of your photos.
This guy was on my contact list for a while now and when I
checked his photos today I came across a bunch of yours. I
made a comment on one asking why he had all the same photos
of you and he has since blocked me. I’m assuming this means
he knows he’s done something he shouldn’t have.

I figured the next logical step would be to notify you.

Check his set out:

Best regards,
Cory Krug”

And check this out from his profile.

“I feel my photography represents me as a person and also shows how I see the world through my own eyes one frame at a time.”

Stewart or Caterina can you shut this guy down or something? :p

Thanks for the email Cory.

UPDATED: 7 minutes after posting this and having my attack dog Scales send him a few emails the photoset was apparently deleted. Heh. Thx guys!

UPDATED: He pulled down the offending photos and blocked me on Flickr. Heh.

UPDATED: Too bad I didn’t get a screenshot… LOL… now this guy is trying to sue me!

Kevin Corazza Stole My Photos and Now is Sueing ME!?!