Glencora Twigg of Twigg & Hottie at Vancouver’s Glad Rags Party

Last night, Megan Cole of Raincity Studios and I went to check out a fashion show called ‘The Glad Rags’ party put on by Fashion High and sponsored by The Tyee as a part of their Guilt-Free Hedonism series. It was a night focused on wearing localy sourced and manufactured designs and supporting sustainability and community in the fashion world.

After the show I had a chance to catch-up with Glencora Twigg of Twigg & Hottie and do a lil video blog with her about the show, her store, and the fashion scene here in Vancouver. She was friendly and beautiful and awesome and it was great to meet her. Thx for the interview Glen.

Check out Megan’s blog post over at The Standard: Dressing Locally at Glad Rags and her video blog over at

I also took some photos which should be up on Flickr shortly.