Get Funded By Google to Work on Drupal With Bryght

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Vancouver students: Want to earn $US 4500 while working on Drupal Google Summer of Code projects? We've got free WiFi, desks for two students and Drupal culture that you can soak up in spades (as well as Bryght guy Adrian being a SOC mentor) from us here at the Vancouver Bryght offices at 525 Seymour.

What's the catch? Well you have to apply by May 8th. Don't got any ideas? No problem. The Drupal community has plenty of cool ideas for software development projects. Apply online today! More info here on the official Drupal Summer of Code 2006 page as well as some tips on getting accepted.

One last thing: we'd love to have a Summer of Code student or two with us for the summer who's working on projects related to our other two open source software passions: Jabber and Identity

FROM Google Summer of Code – now accepting student applications |


Hey college students, want to spend your summer writing Drupal code while getting paid by Google? Sign up to participate in the Summer of Code 2006 program and that's exactly what you could be doing.

As of May 1, Google is now accepting applications from students. You've only got until May 8th to get them in, so you'd better get on it.

Make sure to check out the list of proposed Drupal projects for inspiration. Your personal project ideas are also very welcome, so don't hesitate to deviate from the published list.

The Drupal community is absolutely dedicated to your success, and each student accepted to work on a Drupal project will have two personal mentors to work with. There is also a team of people standing by to answer your questions or help you with your application.

Make sure to read the tips and guidelines for applying.

Good luck, and may your summer be filled with great Drupal coding!