Nitobi Photoshoot

Captain Ajax

My friend Andre Charland’s (AKA Captain Ajax) company recently underwent a branding change. They’re old name was eBusiness Applications and thier new name is Nitobi. As a part of the renaming and rebranding efforts they wanted new pics of their executive team to corresponding with changing face of the company. Nitobi is an agile, honest, and friendly technology company and that comes through in the shots. Check out the pics on Flickr from the Nitobi photoshoot and this quote from Andre in our corporate photography references section.

“Mr Krug is truly an amazing photographer. He really knows how to capture ones personality in a photograph. I really think it has to do with his rare blend of creativity, technical photographic skills and his easy going friendly demeanor. I would hire Kris again in a heart beat!”
Andre Charland: Nitobi

(Cross-posted from my Nitobi Photoshoot post over at Static Photography.)

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