Vancouver Film School ‘Entertainment Business Managment’ Graduating Class

Vancouver Film School 'Entertainment Business Management' Graduating ClassFor the past 2 semesters I've been teaching at VFS in the Entertainment Business Management faculty. I teach 'Internet Technologies 101' and 'Internet Technologies 202'.

As a part of our final project for 'Internet Technologies 202' each of the students has been creating and maintaining their own blog. With Matt coming into town, and so many awesome social media types on hand for Nothern Voice I decided what better way to toss them all into the deep end, than requiring that they all come to Northern Voice to pass my class. *evil grin*

They're a great bunch of film critics, film producers, film and tv agents, network executives, video game producers, tour managers, talent agents, event managers and they've got a bunch of awesome blogs. Check them out, say hi and take their picture at Northern Voice, and /pwease/ send them some linky love. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Vancouver Film School ‘Entertainment Business Managment’ Graduating Class”

  1. I’m thrilled to see so much interest in online communication from the next generation of film folks… and even more thrilled that they’ve hooked up with someone like you. Vancouver’s film and TV scene could use a big infusion of social media goodness!

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