2008: To Infinity and Beyond!

meta-selfMy resolution is revolution but here’s a couple more goals for the coming year…

– Read more books (one a month).
– Eat more lunch (everyday!).
– Get an acting agent (I want to play a villian in a movie this year).
– Don’t be in love… be love.

Updated: I should also prolly talk less and just see what happens…

What are gonna get up to this year?

4 thoughts on “2008: To Infinity and Beyond!”

  1. Last year, I sat down and wrote a list. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t neat. And I didn’t hold back. Just scribbled down anything I wanted that came to mind – some of the things I wanted to happen in 2007 and the rest were a bit further off. It helped me clear my head and tune into the things that I really wanted in life, in that moment. And then, I set out to make them happen.

    I get the be love. Be love is pure goodness.

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