Social Media Training for Journalists at CBC

As the national broadcaster, the CBC has a special place in hearts of Canadians. Growing up in the USA, there is really no equivalent – PBS is well intentioned but just doesn’t have the public mind-share the ‘Ceeb garners with important documentaries and top-shelf sports coverage. Now that i think of it, the ability to satirize politics and still gets funding tell me that something like the CBC could never exist back home!!

I think the CBC (with help from Tod Maffin no doubt) have done a very good job of delivering new media content via podcasts and other channels while some aspects need some improvement (more openness please).They’ve learned a lot in the past year or so about developing digital content.

Inside the CBC Truck.

CBC is taking steps to get the internal teams more social media literate with an event on Friday, Nov. 21st moderated by Megan Cole. I’ll be joining CBC journalists and employees on Friday for a conversation about using social media tools from Twitter to Flickr. Specifically, I’ll be discussing how journalists and marketers can use Facebook and other emerging technologies and tools to enhance media coverage by building community as well as connecting fans with artists.

Follow along with blog and twitter coverage and see the reactions and comments to the presentations – I am look forwarding to learning a bit more about the process of producing "traditional" media and plan to listen more than speaking.

For more info, here’s how the CBC describe the Lederhouse Social Networking Workshop:

Social networking has recently supplanted e-mail as the most popular use of the Internet.

Many of BC’s best facebookers, flickrers and twitterers are CBC employees. Some of us don’t know a SMS from an SOS.

That’s why some CBC’ers will be gathering at the end of November for a day long seminar on social networking. We’ll find out how some of us use it to make our jobs easier, and how others can learn to tap into its power.

We’ll meet journalists who twitter, and producers who digg — and create a project or two to try at your desk.

It’s a day set aside for social networking — about social networks.

See ya there or see ya online.


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  1. I’m writing a final paper on the future of the CBC and the effect of Web 2.0 on public broadcasting. I’d love to hear about what happened in the workshop!

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