My Winners of the Best of 604 (Vancouver) Awards

Now With More JamesI’m gonna piggyback off Bex’s idea of the Best of 604 Awards to hand out my own awards. One person from each of the winning sites wins a portrait photography shoot, at my studio, whenever they like. 🙂 *drumroll* And my winners for the Best of 604 awards are:

Favourite Site or Blog for Humour
Noise to Signal ( – Rob is one talented dude. n2s feels like it’s about my life. Invited Rob to do standup at Northern Voice party.

Favourite Site for Events
Vancouver I am ( – Johanna Duprey about to rock yer world! Flyin low under the radar, gettin’ shit done.

Favourite Food Site, Directory or Blog
Scout Magazine ( – My award in this category goes the Old Kid on the New Block. Andrew Morrison is doin’ a great job with Scout.

Favourite Multi-Author Site or Blog
The Tyee ( – several good contenders in this category including Beyond Robson and Sexy in Vancity… but while still kinda ‘not getting it’ The Tyee fills a big whole in the blogoworldisphere and readin’ it makes me smarter.

Favourite Site of Blog for News
Now Public ( – bein’ innovative on an international level from right here in Vancouver earns these guys the award in the news site category.

Favourite Photo Site or Blog
Kris Krug ( – Haha… whatcha gonna do? 😛 No seriously tho, I’m friends with every nominated photographer in the category and not lookin’ to start a war. Love to all! Vancity Allie (, Blue Olive Photography (, Tiny Bites (, Raymond Chou (, Julia Kozlov (, Jerk with a Camera (, Sakura Photography (, Lisa Bettany (, Waxy Photography (, Marc L’Esperance (, Jackie Connelly (, Basil Gazing (, Carol Browne (, Tyler Ingram (

Favourite Site or Blog for Politics
Matthew Good ( – in general political blogs grate on my soul but Matt Good does a wicked job with his blog/site/community where he provides insights and analysis on world affairs from a very personal perspective.

Favourite Sports Site or Blog
Ha… I don’t have a favorite sports site or blog.

Vote: Best Style/Fashion Site or Blog
In this category we have a tie between Terri Potratz ( and Victoria Potter ( Hear me now believe me later I think Vancouver blogs stand out in this category. Victoria and Terri have both done an exceptional job developing their voice on their sites. I tune into to both just to read their wit and humor on the topics they cover. Good job guys!

Favourite Tech Site or Blog
This is a tough one as Boris, Steven, Alexa, and Tod are all smart cookies… but the winner in this category and overall winner for most improved goes to the peeps over at Techvibes (

Favourite Audio/Video Blog or Podcast
In this category literary superstar Dave Olson’s Gravelly Beach ( narrowly edges out Uncleweed’s epic stoner adventures on Choogle On (

Favourite Personal Site of Blog
First off I’d like to point out there are like 500 nominees in this category. *sheesh* Pls I don’t want hate mail from all the looooosers. Let’s all play nice. In light of all the awesomeness represented in this category I’ve decided to pick my top 3. The winner in this category are……. ….. …. .. Derek Miller (, Alex Waterhouse Hayward (, Duane Storey ( Derek is brave and inspiring, Alex is creative and insightful, and Duane is interesting, funny and I like his code.

Favourite New Site of 2008
Scout Magazine ( – this years only double award winner is Andrew and Scout.

Favourite Company or Business Blog
Raincity Studios ( – before you accuse me of nepotism have you read this stuff? About the Olympics? About Drupal? About jQuery? About community building? About uses of technology for mission-based work/social change? I’m proud of the work we do here and happily give the award to the whole RCS crew that contributes to making it one of the best corporate blogs I’ve ever seen. *assslap*

UPDATE: Granville Mag launched this great guide to Downtown Vancouver Restaurants

16 thoughts on “My Winners of the Best of 604 (Vancouver) Awards”

  1. Great picks. Given that I know most of the people in a lot of the categories, I had a hell of a time choosing who to vote for. And yes we will accuse you of nepotism on the Fav Company blog:)

  2. Ha ha – why wait for the official winners. You did in the only thing you could in voting for yourself in the photography category.

    Can we look forward to your Academy Awards picks in advance of the ceremonies as well?

  3. Interesting picks. I am glad that Rebecca didn’t post the tally of votes. Although I am grateful to my friends for nominating my blog, 5 votes would seem pretty lame, considering my mom was one of the votes. HAHAHAHA… there ARE too many personal blogs.

  4. @barbara, @carol: remember these aren’t the ‘official’ results and the only votes that mattered were mine. 😉

  5. Hey, thanks for nod to The Tyee. Our hard working ‘multi-authors’ and all who keep the site humming appreciate it. And we very much appreciate our readers!

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