The Waldorf Hotel & The Beatty Street Mural

Here’s a couple local Vancouver projects that inspire me. I’ve documented each of them as they’ve developed over the past several months and recently published these editorials.

The Waldorf Hotel
“The Waldorf is a creative hub in the heart of East Vancouver where contemporary art, music, food and culture convene under one roof. The programming for the space will be both artistically expansive and thematically inclusive. The complex consists of thirty rooms, two restaurants (directed by Ernesto Gomez and executive chef Ned Bell), a Tiki bar (restored and retrofitted with a vintage analogue audiophile sound system), a hair salon (run by Barbarella Hair), a gift shop, a nightclub and a live music venue. In the works are a multi-media theater space and recording studio (tied to a residency program for visiting musicians).The Waldorf joins a new wave of Vancouver businesses that are conversing with the city, setting a benchmark for culture and hospitality.”

 5139968177_d51e7bb718_b (2)The Waldorf Hotel was a creative hotbed full of interesting artist collaborating with one another to squeak out a life on the fringes of society.

5995630001_b90904266a_bWe turned a shipping container into an art gallery and Bev Davies had a rock and roll photography show in it.

5965498584_be4ee1aa55_bVancouver stylist, thrifters and the fashion world would gather at The Waldorf Hotel once a month for a special vintage clothing swap.

5324814646_4bac90dac4_bWe had a lot of fun space to work with and many big holiday parties took advantage of all the nooks and crannies to stash art and goodtimes.

5968400651_825060619f_bThere were several resturants and food options available in the Waldorf Hotel. My favorite was alway Nuba for is fresh yummy veggies.

5275709580_07df593016_bMusic, comics, poetry, theatre, fashion, photography and more were all taking place on top of each other when The Waldorf Hotel was thriving.

The Beatty Street Mural

“The Beatty Street Mural Project aims to explore the effects of applying various social networking concepts to a monumental public art installation. Creating an interactive platform between the community, the artists, photographers, bloggers, etc”

4304685030_0905ef233c_bVince organized and painted much of the mural.


Painting blue over the old mural was controversial and rumored to be tied to ‘Vancouver 2010 Olympics Cleanup Projects”.

4307941042_605c47f98c_bThe Beatty Street wall sat in statis for a while with block letters up indicating that something was coming soon. People started to chatter.

4903437303_3e65e843f4_bPaint is acquired and sketches are drawn up as artists prepare to resurrect the Beatty Street Wall.

4913760895_a68cdbd921_bInsert psychedelics here.

4903974722_83f0464507_bVince and crew kick off the painting of the new Beatty Street Mural in Vancouver, BC.

5054181898_b6ce6682e1_bShallom Johnson gets up on the Beatty Street Mural.

4932761533_8d0f81a72b_bJeremy Crowle gets up on the Beatty Street Mural.

4940989820_af0e7ced49_bMany dirty hands make light work.

4932757197_2de518d3eb_bIt took Vince and crew several weeks of focused attention to complete the project and requires ongoing touchups and protection.

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