Photography, Videos & Social Media Making for Events, Retreats, Workshops & Conferences

Event photography, speaker & attendee portraits, podcasts, videoblogs, social media, community engagement and goodtimes!

Events are more than just gatherings; they are experiences that should be documented, celebrated, and shared. Whether it’s an industry conference, a creative retreat, or a keynote speech, the impact of any event extends far beyond the venue walls. That’s where I come in.

Hi, I’m Kris Krüg, a pioneer in event blogging and media making services. I specialize in turning your events into enduring digital stories, packed with authentic, creative, and technically polished media content.

As a creator at the intersection of art, technology and community-building, I believe every event holds potential for enriching people’s lives and inspiring progress. It’s my mission to unleash this potential through media that educates, sparks dialogue and brings people together.

What I Offer


From candid moments to professional portraits, my photography is designed to encapsulate the spirit and significance of your event. My unique blend of commercial, travel, and fashion photography ensures your event is documented from all the right angles.


Video content has the power to immerse your audience fully. From short interviews to event highlight reels, my videography services are tailored to your event’s specific needs.

Blogging & Content Creation

Long-form, short-form, you name it. My writing services are adaptable to fit the narrative style that suits your event best. Each blog post or article is researched and crafted to engage and inform your audience.

Social Media Management

In today’s digital age, social media is the bridge that connects your event to the world. I offer comprehensive social media management services that include real-time updates, audience engagement, and post-event analytics.

Why Choose Me?

Technical Prowess

As a tech-savvy professional with a background in space, science, and tech, I bring a unique technical perspective that elevates the standard of any project.


My approach focuses on creating authentic content that resonates with your audience. No cookie-cutter solutions; everything is customized to represent your event’s true essence.

Creative Flair

With a knack for the arts, my work is not just technically proficient but also creatively inspired. Expect a splash of fun and a ton of creativity in everything I do.

An Approach as Unique as Your Event

Every project receives personalized attention and a multidisciplinary perspective informed by my background in photography, community engagment, digital strategy, open source advocacy and grassroots community organizing.

Creativity, technical skill and a commitment to authentic storytelling come together to help your event fulfill its purpose.

Writing to Stimulate and Inform

My blogs, articles and social media takeaways educate by entertaining. Interweaving personal anecdotes with your event’s big ideas, I aim to start meaningful discussions that could propel real-world progress.

Are we ready to rethink AI accountability? How can art catalyze societal change? I pose such questions to keep your event’s conversations thriving long after the final session.

Ready to Elevate Expectations?

Events are a perfect proving ground for testing new forms of openly-sourced, networked media. Together, we can generate finish capturing and sharing your event’s impact in ways sure to inspire ongoing growth within your field. Let’s make your next gathering an experience that accelerates humanity toward new horizons.

Book a free consultation today on to get started! I look forward to helping your event perform at its boundary-pushing best.