Creative Toolbox: Best of the Best AI Tools

Whether you’re an emerging artist, a digital designer, a narrative craftsman, or simply on a quest to unleash your creative spirit, you’ve landed in the right constellation.

I’ve curated with the finest tools and resources, aimed at igniting your imagination and elevating your journey of creation.

Aug X Labs (Storytelling)

Aug X Labs is revolutionizing video production with its innovative AI-driven tool, Augie. This platform democratizes video production, simplifying the process with automated transcription, storyboard creation, and the integration of relevant footage, enhancing storytelling capabilities.

Notion (Workspace)

Immerse yourself in Notion, the quintessential workspace engineered for amplifying productivity, organizing your masterpieces, and fostering seamless collaboration. It’s the all-encompassing platform for task management, note-taking, and document storage, designed to facilitate effortless teamwork on any project scale.

Canva (Image Editing/Design)

Canva offers the power to craft stunning visual content with unparalleled ease. From presentations and social media graphics to marketing materials, Canva’s intuitive interface and extensive template library democratize professional design for all skill levels.

Otter (Audio Transcripts)

Otter transforms the way we take notes by providing real-time transcription services. Perfect for capturing every detail in interviews, meetings, and lectures, Otter converts audio to text with remarkable accuracy, making every conversation searchable and shareable.

Discord (Community)

Discover Discord, a platform transcending its gaming roots to become a vital tool for creative communication. It’s where like-minded individuals can connect, exchange ideas, and collaborate in real time, proving indispensable for community engagement and project teamwork.

Chat GPT & Custom GPTs (AI Text Generation)

Explore the capabilities of Chat GPT and specialized GPT models for text generation, idea brainstorming, and breaking through creative blocks. These AI-driven tools offer significant advantages in creative writing and content generation, enhancing creativity and efficiency.


Poe stands as a gateway to a realm of AI-powered assistants, including ChatGPT, GPT-4, and beyond. It enables instant access to information and conversational exchanges across a diverse range of topics, marking it a unique asset for AI exploration.

Ideogram AI

Ideogram AI unveils innovative tools leveraging artificial intelligence to expand the boundaries of creativity. From generating images to tackling complex design challenges, Ideogram AI introduces revolutionary solutions for creative endeavors.

Eleven Labs

Eleven Labs leads the charge in voice synthesis technology, offering state-of-the-art solutions for creating realistic audio content. Its pioneering technology is reshaping the landscape of voice generation.

HeyGen (AI Video Creation)

HeyGen is transforming video production by utilizing AI to effortlessly generate custom avatars and content, streamlining the video creation process for businesses and creators alike.


Descript simplifies the process of video and audio editing with AI-powered tools. As an all-in-one platform for podcasting, video creation, and multimedia projects, it offers features like automatic transcription, editing, and overdubbing to enhance content creation.

Bing DALL-E & Microsoft Image Maker (Image Generation)

Witness the cutting-edge of creative image generation with Bing DALL-E and Microsoft Image Maker. These tools employ advanced AI to translate textual descriptions into unique, captivating visuals, opening new horizons for digital art and design.

Runway ML (Video)

Runway ML equips creatives with groundbreaking AI tools for generating videos, images, and multimedia content, inviting exploration of unprecedented creative possibilities. Known for its development of commercial text-to-video generative AI models and collaboration on Stable Diffusion, Runway ML is at the forefront of digital content creation.

Embark on your creative journey with these tools as your allies. Let them inspire and facilitate your artistic endeavors, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. This digital cosmos is ripe for exploration, and these resources are your guide to mastering the art of creation.