Navigating Names and Narratives: My Reflections on “Frontier”

Down at SXSW Interactive, buzzing with tech marvels and forward-thinkers, I’ve hit a snag that’s been tripping up more than just me: the name “Frontier Collective” is stirring the pot, and not in the good, innovative way we all aim for.

The word “frontier” is loaded, packed with historical baggage of colonialism and domination, sparking way more debate than you’d expect from just a name. It’s thrown us into a bigger puzzle—how do we push the envelope without trampling over the sensitivities and histories that shape our community?

How do we push the envelope without trampling over the sensitive histories?

The Frontier Collective aims high, wanting to push Vancouver forward with cutting-edge tech. Yet, “frontier” drags along images of an era filled with exclusion and grabbing at others’ expense, a far cry from the inclusive future we’re all here hustling for.

Chatting with folks around SXSW, it’s crystal clear: while everyone’s all for what the Collective wants to do, the name’s causing more head-scratching and discomfort than excitement, muddying the waters of our shared vision.

This mixed feedback from the SXSW melting pot is a golden chance for us to do some serious soul-searching. It’s making us question not just what we call ourselves, but the vibe we’re putting out there.

If we’re going to talk the talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion, then it’s time for a serious name check. We need something that outright shouts our dedication to a tech world where everyone’s welcome and gets a fair shot.

Time to roll up our sleeves and get down to business with our community.

Through real talk and open dialogue, we can hammer out a name that actually reflects who we are and what we stand for—one that’s all about respect, teamwork, and lifting each other up.

This isn’t just about slapping on a new label; it’s about making a promise, loud and clear, to build something that everyone in Vancouver, heck, everyone anywhere, can point to with pride.

With the insights gained from conversations at SXSW, let’s guide the Frontier Collective—or whatever we’ll call ourselves—towards a more thoughtful, inclusive path. We’ve got the chance to redefine what innovation looks like, making sure it’s not just ethical but also genuinely tuned into the community. Tackling these naming concerns head-on is our first step towards a future where progress means everyone wins.

As we dive into this transformation, we’re not just tweaking our image; we’re setting the stage for a wave of innovation that remembers its roots, knows its strength, and is hell-bent on a future where tech bridges gaps instead of widening them. Let’s embark on this journey together, hearts and minds wide open, ready to craft a world that mirrors the best of our collective dreamer, doer, and thinker spirit.

The Power of Open Dialogue

In raising these concerns, my aim is not to cast aspersions but to invite a constructive dialogue with the Frontier Collective members. The diversity of voices within our community is our greatest strength, and it is only by embracing this diversity that our collective’s identity and actions will resonate positively with the wider community we serve.

I encourage members of our collective and the broader community to join in open, respectful discussions as we figure this out.

By working together, we can forge a future that leaves behind the problematic legacies of “frontier” in favor of a legacy of collaboration, respect, and mutual progress.

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