The Art of AI Storytelling

Over four weeks in March, Robert Michael Murray will lead a series of free Artist Talks during the Future Proof Creatives AI Art Residency focusing on the the emerging art of AI storytelling.

Over four weeks in March, Robert Michael Murray will guide the Future Proof Creatives AI Art Residency in the art of digital storytelling.

“In a world too often divided by boundaries and beliefs, art and story offer a universal language that transcends differences, calling us into a shared space of understanding and empathy. The need for more art and stories is not just a call for creativity but a plea for deeper connections, for through them, we not only see the world as it is but imagine what it could be.”

Robert Michael Murray

Hey digital dreamers and cyber scribes… I’ve got something on the radar that’s gonna spark your circuits and reboot your creative souls.

The relationship between art and artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly vital to the future of storytelling. This March, Robert Michael Murray is spearheading the Future Proof Creatives AI Art Residency, a program designed to delve into this convergence and explore its implications for creators and storytellers across the globe.

Art, Story, and Society: Unveiling Human Connections –ar 16:9 –sref –stylize 750 Job ID: 463459a3-f549-4f47-bfaf-3cb9d3f39919

Week 1.0 – Art, Story, and Society: Unveiling Human Connections

THURSDAY, 7 MARCH 2024; 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM EST
Transporting tales of wonder trace through every human culture, stirring emotions and transmitting life lessons. What hidden traits connect the timeless profoundness carried in primordial myths and fireside folk tales with television show finales that capture the attention of millions? Let’s embark together on an imaginative adventure to illuminate the enduring psychology and patterns lurking beneath great stories in this first of four immersive weekly gatherings.

Tech-Woven Fictions –ar 16:9 –sref –stylize 750 Job ID: cfa53fdc-77b4-47e3-84ab-69c9b0d60dca

Week 2.0 – Possibilities of Generative Transmedia Storytelling

THURSDAY, 14 MARCH 2024; 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM EST
The last session revealed resilient elements granting stories substantial influence over historical beliefs and perspectives. This week, we’ll venture into the frontier science fiction futures rapidly becoming today’s labs. We’ll explore selected projects harnessing procedural generation, worldbuilding, and machine learning for story contexts ranging from bespoke personalized explorations to experimental films crafted by creative AIs. Expect great inspiration, some existential questions, and crazy dreams.

Virtual Myths Reimagined –ar 16:9 –sref –stylize 750 Job ID: 2189e3ce-8305-4a3c-8c8a-94e1c3320480

Week 3.0 – Designing Responsible and Inclusive Narrative Futures

THURSDAY, 21 MARCH 2024; 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM EST
Now that our minds have stretched to fathom vast frontiers let’s ponder thoughtful applications that reduce biases and consciously quell anxieties through cathartic tales. What type of generative stories could make societies more just, healed, or harmonious when designed consciously—from therapy to education and beyond? This interactive session shares precedents before small groups craft manifestos for needs they believe profoundly purposeful narratives could responsibly meet at this pivotal juncture.

n image of a young woman overlooking the city with big space and bright lights, –ar 16:9 –sref –stylize 750 Job ID: df0a4b32-d8fe-4d43-a07f-e3ad09931bf3

Week 4.0 – Bringing Story Worlds to Life: Turning Inspiration into Action

THURSDAY, 28 MARCH 2024; 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM EST
The final magical moments culminate by converting inspiration into creation through framing personalized projects you’re passionate about pursuing around generative narratives—design fiction concepts, magical realist plot engines, or empathy adventures. We’ll contribute tools plus hands-on guidance for pragmatically manifesting feasibility prototypes to advance ideas through mentoring support. We’ll end the residency with a closing showcase.

The exponential edge has already arrived, yet strangeness awaits being tamed towards positive disruption. This journey cultivates the next wave of visionary worldbuilders, experienced designers, and creative coders ready to steward generative story futures that could alter the trajectory of history’s unfolding narratives.

Who will answer the call to push possibilities, balancing wonder and wisdom?

Mythic Bytes Unleashed prompt –ar 16:9 –sref –stylize 750 Job ID: 827371e7-efc0-46bf-96bf-e798550551ac

Artist Bio

Robert Michael Murray works at the forefront of integrating storytelling with cutting-edge technology. With an exceptional ability to anticipate emerging trends, Murray crafts compelling narratives and immersive experiences that resonate with audiences across platforms.

His expertise lies in the innovative fusion of traditional storytelling with the latest technological advancements, such as AI, to create engaging content that has been experienced by more than 4 billion people for brands, organizations, and individuals.

Cyber Lore Fusion –ar 16:9 –sref –stylize 750 Job ID: 109f60f1-da55-4a8f-98b2-bb2cb2d1f145

Artist Statement

Across millennia, our most impactful stories awaken collective purpose amid uncertainty. When timeless narrative truths meet sci-fi imagination, inspired dreams shape reality. What futuring stories told today will shape realities yet unfolding?

Attendees will be taken on a voyage charting frontiers where creativity and technology fuse for transportive stories. By examining the foundational elements of storytelling combined with the power of pushing boundaries with avant-garde creative systems and emerging generative AI technologies, we’ll transmute inspiration into manifesting enlightened narrative inventions.

Attendees will explore the power of new myths that enrich our cultural landscape by immersing in conceptual and pragmatic foundations across emerging generative AI story craft. By examining the technology powering immersive story worlds and avant-garde writing engines, we will then deliberate responsible applications in blending art and story, and attendees will explore building tomorrow’s myths.

From interactive fiction apps to computer-aided creativity tools and experimental installations, together, we will map uncharted spaces for transportive tales finely tuned to expand society’s collective consciousness.

Cyber Lore Fusion –ar 16:9 –sref –stylize 750 Job ID: 109f60f1-da55-4a8f-98b2-bb2cb2d1f145

Future Proof Creatives Artist in Residence Program Overview

The AI Art Residency, hosted by Future Proof, is a month-long exploration that aims to equip participants with the insights and tools needed to navigate and shape the evolving landscape of digital storytelling. Through a series of workshops and collaborative projects, attendees will gain hands-on experience with the latest in computational creativity and its potential to transform narrative creation.

Why This Matters

In a world where technology and art are increasingly intertwined, RMM’s art residency is more than just an event; it’s a call to action for creators, technologists, and visionaries. It’s an invitation to be at the forefront of a narrative revolution, to explore the untapped potential of digital storytelling, and to shape the myths and tales that will define our digital tomorrow.

So, are you ready to join the vanguard of digital storytellers? To explore the new frontiers of narrative innovation with one of the most visionary minds in the field? March awaits, and with it, the journey of a lifetime.

Digital Fables Remixed –ar 16:9 –sref –stylize 750 Job ID: b317433c-e6be-4138-81bb-58a767057ecc

Catch you in the digital wilds, Kris Krug – Your captain on this journey into the narrative beyond.

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