Hippie Camp – Intention 7 by Tribal Harmonix

I spent the New Years weekend at Intention 7 (aka Hippie Camp) put on by Tribal Harmonix at Camp Elphinstone in Gibson, BC. It was any amazing 3 days of friendship, dancing, and reflection without the distraction of cell phones, watches, or computers. I did went on several ‘nature walks’, ate vegetarian food (gasp!), and sat in on a couple workshops including Non-Violent Communication, tribal economics, and the first part of an ecstatic dance class.

I took a bunch photos and will be getting the films developed this week and posted over to Flickr. I also created a Tribal Harmonix group over at Flickr so that other members who took pics can pool their Intention photos in a central location.

I took some time while away to make some resolutions intentions for 2006. I’ve never really done the New Year’s resolution thing and am curious to see if it works for me. Anyway, in 2006 I plan to….

+ Stablize my living situtation so that I can spend more time with my family.
+ Stop patroning Starbucks and find local, indy alternatives.
+ Be more open with my thoughts and feelings.
+ Spend time focusing on healing important relationships and my own heart.
+ Commit to less, and follow through in a timely way on the things I do commit to.

I think there may have been a couple others, but I haven’t slept much lately and this seems like a good start.