I’m Going to Beijing China!

Kris Krug Dot ComOn May 26th I’m going to Beijing, China with Robert Scales of Raincity Studios to participate in the Growth Economies/Growth Industries of the 21st Century: China Moves Higher conference put on by our friends at China Access 2008. The post about the trip from the Bryght site is below. This week I’m getting vaccinations and visas and all that stuff together before I head off to LA next week for E3. On a kinda funny note, I looked up my Chinese name on Google yesterday and my name is Kong Kun Rong… making me Mr. Rong. 🙁 I’m sure there are a lot of grrls out there who would agree.

“As part of a series of international seminars "Growth Economies/Growth Industries of the 21st Century: China Moves Higher", put on by Invest Beijing, Standard Chartered Bank and The Beijing Investment Bureau, Kris Krug from Bryght and Robert Scales from Raincity Studios will be heading to China from May 26th to June 13th. Raincity has partnered with China Access 2008 to help bring technology and economic sustainability to China in their preparations for the 2008 Olympic Summer Games in Beijing and they have invited Kris to come present about web 2.0, open source software, and building online communities.

During their time in China they will be meeting with several Chinese and international companies, including the Centre for International Economics and Omnicom Asia-Pacific, as well as regional government bodies and Lu Hao, the Beijing Vice Mayor. Also present will be several international and Canadian businesses. Alan Carroll from Pacific Rim Forum will be speaking at the seminar, along with Mick Yates from Living Cell Technologies from Australia; all of whom are looking to explore new markets in China.

Prior to heading over for a 3-week stint in Southeast Asia, Kris and Robert will be attending the Access to China 2008 event on May 24th at the Wosk Centre for Dialogue in Vancouver. The seminar asks the question "What is your China strategy?", with the emphasis placed on China's economic legacy plan in relation to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. ("What is your China strategy on Upcoming.org)

The morning session and luncheon will provide a good opportunity for local companies to congregate, develop and learn of the potential opportunities for growth and prosperity for B.C. businesses in China.”