Checking in From China Access 2008 Conference in Beijing

China Access 2008 meet up你好

Ni hao! Just a quick check-in from the China Access 2008 conference here in Beijing. The conference has begun now and I'll be networking and talking about the internet and how companies can use technology and the internet to tell their story and move into new markets.

This is me videoblogging with Qiang Bai of Venture Pacific Group. He's a VC who splits his time between Shanghai, Beijing, and Dallas(!) and has experience investing in the Web 2.0 industry here in China.

It's been a fast and full 3 days of new people, ideas, sights, sounds, smells…. *everything* is different. Here's my photos on Flickr and here are Robert Scales' of Raincity Studios. Lots of podcasts and videoblogs to come!