Hardcore Superstar Photoshoot

Outrageous Joy

Joseph Briante and Theresa James just started a boutique legal valet service in Vancouver called Hardcore Superstar and wanted to make a big splash. We shot these fun and sexy pics for their website on the streets of Vancouver. Check out the rest over at Flickr and read more about their novel business concept below and over at their website…

“Clients seeking legal services often feel financially and emotionally hog-tied by their lawyers. We understand. It is no secret that law firms operate on a model of deliberate inefficiency based on the billable hour. And clients do not need to be infected by the energy of negativity, worry and conflict generated by dealing with lawyers. Having worked in legal plantations, we know the real cost of legal services. Now you will too.

Hardcore Superstar offers clients a means to access the world of legal services more intelligently – through former big firm lawyers who understand the legal game. We assist you in using lawyers constructively, intentionally and only where necessary.”

(Cross-posted from my Hardcore Superstar Photoshoot post over at Static Photography.)

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