AUDIO: Tips on How to Take Better Holiday Pictures

Smile!A couple weeks ago I was a guest on CBC‘s On The Coast talking about photography and how to take better family photos over the holidays. It was a fun interview with JJ Lee who is a fashion and design columnist for CBC Radio One. Every Monday you can hear JJ On The Coast. OTC airs between 3-6 PM on AM 690 in Vancouver. JJ also writes for the Georgia Straight about fashion.

From JJ’s blog

Fashion photographer Kris Krug, just back from China Fashion Week, took the time to give some pointers on how to make your snapshots works of art… Follow these tips and you’ll have holiday photographs worth posting!”

Listen to the segment here…

Thanks JJ and happy holidays! 🙂

PS. Thx to Vancouver photographer Fiona Garden for the hookup. *squish*

6 thoughts on “AUDIO: Tips on How to Take Better Holiday Pictures”

  1. Ah yes, the family photographer who’s never in the shots. My dad was pleased when I started getting into photography 25 years ago, because as a former wedding photographer and longtime astrophotography enthusiast with a colour darkroom in his basement, he was always the one taking the pictures and never the one in them (our laundry room doubled as the darkroom, and it always smelled of photo processing chemicals). Once I started snapping pics, he finally found himself as part of the images.

    So for the past couple of decades, I’m the one who’s rarely in the frame. I like your suggestion of giving the kids a digicam once they’re old enough to avoid dropping it — we’re taking that advice this Christmas.

  2. With your massive ‘stache, rocking the Magnum should be a lot easier (that is PI right ;-)). The Blue Steel – well i have no advice!

    Enjoy festivus and pop up to Mosquito Creek for some laughs (and snapshots).

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