Who’s Gonna Come Geekout in Hawaii With Me?

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My photograph studio Static Photography has had the opportunity to travel to many different conferences for awesome photographic opportunities! Whether it is shooting portraits at Microsoft Tech Days , or giving a photo recap talk at Gnomedex 2009 , or even heading back to Pop!Tech to be their official photographer, Kris Krug is definitely busy at conferences. Come this November Kris will have the awesome opportunity to lead a PhotoCamp at the first annual [Re]Think Hawaii conference .

Bob and Midori's Wedding - Maui, Hawaii

(Re)think Hawaii is proposed as an intersection of forward thinking leaders from all corners of the world. Focused around technology, sustainability and business, this five day conference will provide networking events, panels, discussions and other various events to further the discussion. The attendees for this conference will span a wide spectrum of career and business levels, intention levels and motivation levels. Disclosed as a space to retreat from the confines of your daily thinking, meet offline and rethink the ideas that are the crux of your daily life, this conference is sure to be a one of a kind.

Christine Lu at Barcamp Shanghai

This conference is the by-product of the hard-working team of Christine Lu from Cilantro Media and Neenz Faleafine from Pono Media . This dynamic team has helped organize almost all the details of this conference, with some special help from some amazing people from around the world. These two are the main organizers but have delegated international organizers to spread the world to their communities. By connecting global communities in the organizing process they have set the stage for a diverse conference attendance. Kris is also working on a book with Christine titled Chinameme Vol. 1 Shanghai . We are very excited to working with Christine on another project!

Black Rock - Maui, Hawaii

This conference will be four days of events that are ensure to inspire and connect all the participants to each other and especially to Hawaiian culture. With a Welcome Party on the first night of the event with an introduction to Hawaiian culture including music, food and traditions. Larry Chiang will be teaching an all day workshop called 'What They Don't Teach You At Business School' . Startup2Startup , which is a group of geeks, entrepreneurs and investors that provide education and help to new internet startups, will be hosting a dinner during the conference. Blogworld will be hosting a Social Media Business Summit on one of the days of the conference. Lead by Rick Calvert and Jim Turner , this Summit will provide information and support for businesses of all sizes. Dave McClure will be running a one day workshop called Startonomics . This workshop, designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, will provide information on how to create metrics that will continue for long-term growth.

kk+ @ NV07

Kris will be leading a full day Photocamp during the conference as well. Photocamps are fun because they give experienced and novice photographers a safe and creative environment to explore new territories with their cameras. The day will include sessions on basic photography techniques, low light event and portrait photography, photography and social media, stock photoraphy and then an afternoon photowalk. This kind of camp offer a space for collaboration, information sharing and just general awesomeness. Plus set upon the landscape of beautiful Hawaii, this event is sure to provide amazing scenery for photos.

Gnomedex 2009

There are still spots available for this rad conference! If you are interested, you can request an invite here. There is also an Rethink Hawai Eventbrite page that has more conference details. There are day passes available for individual tracks as well as full week passes for the whole conference. If interested, feel free to use the referral code of 'Photocamp'. Whether you attend the Photocamp, a single day of Technology, Business or Sustainability or possibly seclude yourself to the beach for a week and attend the whole conference, this event is is sure to be an inspiring one! From attendees, to speakers to organizers, the island of Hawaii isn't going to know what hit them when all these geeks arrive!

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