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For the past couple years I’ve been photographing the Future in Review (FiRe) conference in Park City, Utah hosted by futurist Mark Anderson and his incredible family. FiRe is an offshoot of the Strategic News Service (SNS), that helps business and industry leaders understand trends in technology and the global economy 3-5 years into the future

SNS’s Editor-in-Chief & Publisher is one of Mark’s sisters Sally Anderson.

Mark’s other sister’s name is Sharon Anderson Morris and she runs another interesting offshoot of SNS and FiRe called FiReFilms.

In addition to Mark, Sally & Sharon… Mark’s two children Berit Anderson and Evan Anderson are involved in the family business as well and I enjoy hanging out with them at Future in Review and Strategic News Service events.

Recently Berit married another smart world changer named Brett Horvath. Together, they recently started an ambitious new project called Scout. “Scout is a community exploring the social implications of technology through reporting, science fiction, and foresight.”

In time, I hope to interview all the Andersons as they’re involved in so many interesting projects that I support and have brought such a rich community to my life… but for now, I got a chance to sit down and do a quick Q & A with Sharon from FiReFilms in the leadup to Sundance Film Festival 2017.

KK – What is FiReFilms? Who is FiReFilms?

SAM – FiReFilms is a film screening club with a global membership of brilliant people – many tech leaders – who care passionately about our world and know as we do that scientifically based well done documentaries have the ability to educate, inspire and transform.

KK – What films have you guys worked on?

SAM – FiReFilms selects the documentaries to promote where technology improves the human condition or about global critical humanitarian issues. What’s so cool is that our members are passionate and inspired to become educated about the most critical subjects in our world and want to learn all about these issues and get involved where they can to make a difference – even if it is to talk intellectually about these issues with their friends at an event or a party.

KK – What are you up to in 2017 at Sundance Film Festival?

SAM – We are so excited about Sundance 2017 and have many events and activities lined up. It’s really fun to host to many creative technology leaders here in Park City! We have already sold out of our 6 FiReFilms private screenings events and the festival hasn’t even begun. It will be nice to meet personally with members: old friends and new ones we haven’t even met before.

KK – Park City has developed a rich film culture outside of just the week of Sundance. How has that informed the personality of your mountain resort town?

SAM – This year Sundance is focusing on climate change, which is awesome. Especially when our new administration isn’t necessarily going to put a lot of emphasis about how we can all contribute to a sustainable world with alternative energy and cutting back on fossil fuel consumption.

KK – Any films your excited to see this year?

SAM – YES!! We have a FiReFilms review team here to select our FiRe 2017 Featured Film to show the world at FiRe 2017, 10/10 -13 at the Stein Eriksen Lodge to show our top global tech leaders and leaders in press. On our “must see” list are: “Chasing Coral“. We showed “Chasing Ice” a few years ago at FiRe with James Balog and Jeff Orlowski now is going to the oceans to show how climate change is killing off the coral reefs. Also Bending the Arc should be fascinating – Director Kief Davison is an expert. “An Inconvenient Sequel” with Al Gore will be fascinating. I hope it’s great.

KK – The Presidential inauguration is taking place while Sundance is on. I’ve heard there’s some films about his rise that are playing at the festival as well as some protests and direct actions as well. How are you feeling going into this?

SAM – I am not so much in tune with any docs or films that are about the inauguration but on Saturday, this place will be crazy. More than 10,000 people will be filling the little main street in Park City to join the marches in Washington, DC and through out the entire country during Sundance.

KK – What else is on your mind? Anything else you want to talk about?

SAM – I think that this is the year to speak out – we are in a position in our country, in our world where critical issues are being brought to the forefront and I believe that beyond the March, people are going to be considering us all to be a global unified people, not segmented. We are all holding our breath to see how our people, country and other countries respond to our new administration.

Inspiring words from the fearless Executive Director of FiReFilms, Sharon Anderson Morris. Thx for taking the time to tell me more about the documentary film club, your vision for the world and what you’ve got going on at Sundance.

For more info about FiReFilms and to signup for the documentary film club contact Sharon at

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