Digital Self & the Era of AI: Avatars, ChatBots, & Audio Cloning

Hey there, digital explorers! Kris Krug here, checking in from the serene Hornby Island. I’ve got something fresh from the oven for you, my latest episode of The MØTLEYKRÜG Podcast.

The heart of today’s conversation? Our fascinating journey at the crossroads of creativity, artificial intelligence, resistance, and, of course, love. I took a deep dive into the waters of voice cloning and let me tell ya, it’s not as straightforward as hitting ‘record.’ My experiment with my own voice deep fake got some reactions that were… let’s say, unexpected. Some folks were moved, others were skeptical, and some were just straight-up baffled!

One of the most thrilling yet daunting topics we’re all trying to grapple with is the emergence of our ‘digital selves.’ Imagine a world where digital avatars, bursting with our memories, quirks, and personality, can chit-chat away, capturing our essence. Intrigued? So am I! Had a brain-poking conversation with the wise Robert Scales about this, and boy, does it bring a galaxy of ethical quandaries to the table.

Also, ever feel like the world’s changing faster than we can keep up? Technological leaps versus our good ol’ human pace – it’s like comparing the speed of a racecar to a stroll in the park. The dissonance is real, and it’s changing our society in ways we might not even realize.

But wait, there’s more! For my fellow tech enthusiasts, I’ve been dipping my toes into the vast sea of web development. Playing around with Python scripts, dabbling in GitHub, and basically doing my best to ride the tech wave. ?? And for my creative spirits, keep an eye out for something I’m super stoked about: ‘MidJourney.’ It’s my latest venture into the world of AI-driven image generation and curation. Yep, that’s right – hoping to revolutionize the way we view, generate, and curate images.

Before I sign off, a small shoutout to you all: please spread the word! As I embark on this digital odyssey, I’m looking to build a tribe – a community that’s curious, engaged, and ready to explore the digital frontier with me. The content might take different shapes and forms, but remember, we’re in this together, and the community vibe? That’s here to stay.

Alright, intrepid explorers, until next time, this is KK, signing off from the edge of the digital world. Over and out!