Community Shout-Outs: People & Projects Worth Checking Out

The world is opening up and things are really starting to take off fast all around me. People are travelling again and getting together in person … and the AI renaissance has just begun. In an effort to keep in better touch with my community I’ve been putting some infrastructure in place to help keep me organized and in close touch with my friends, family and colleagues.

I’ve started a podcast, upgraded my YouTube, redesigned my blog, launched a Discord Server, created an email newsletter, and about 1,000 other things.

Thanks for your time and attention and checking what I’m up to. Hopefully you walk away feeling inspired and having learned a thing or two.

The merry band of scallywags that attended my Evolution of AI~Artist Symbionts workshop at Otherworld.

Now, about that email newsletter: The first newsletter is going to be all about giving props to the people in my network. Friends, family, colleagues, connections – they’re all up to some really cool stuff. I’m stoked to get the chance to showcase what they’re doing and share it with you.

Spotlight on the Trailblazers

Robert Scales – AKA SCALES, man, you’re a rockstar! Your Chat GPT book is turning heads, and your Midjourney coloring books? Genius! And let’s not forget those cool coaching bots you’ve whipped up. Your words at the Future in Review Think Tank? Pure gold! Stoked for your upcoming prompt artist book, and thanks for inviting me to be part of it. Looking forward to our next podcast episode!

Dave Olson – or as we fondly call him, UncleWeed. Broadcasting from the serene landscapes of rural Japan, Dave, you’re making waves as a musician. Your postcard project is off the charts, and those digital archives? Epic! Rock on!

Robert Michael Murray – remember our time together on Geeks on a Plane? Those were the days! You were by my side when I pitched the BP oil spill expedition to National Geographic. Now, you’re smashing it with ‘We Are Lyrical‘ and ‘Athletes Land,’ carving out new ways for AI to enhance music and sports. Keep soaring!

Steve Rude – my brother from the Drupal world! Now you’re at the intersection of finance, fashion, and tech, and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Thanks for the Python development environment coaching. Can’t wait to unveil the AI-based fashion tools we’ve been brainstorming!

Ashley Arden – leading one of the coolest nonprofit communications firms in Canada, you’re making waves. Your insights and strategies are transforming the way we communicate.

Danielle Diamond – yer a tsunami of creativity! From virtual reality fashion experiments` to online community projects, you’re pushing boundaries. Yer Costume Therapy approach to transformational healing is mind-blowingly creative and fun!

Alexandra Samuel – you’ve been kicking ass for 20 years and counting! Your LinkedIn videos, thought leadership pieces for Wall Street Journal, Harvard Businees Review, and Oprah, and pioneering ideas about hybrid and remote work are shaping our future.

Kevin Broom – your artistry is a breath of fresh air. The image experiment generations you shared, inspired by significant protests, provoke thought and inspire action.

Khayyam Wakil – you’re pushing the envelope with your content generation, social marketing, and AI experiments. Your idea of a voice clone bot for automated podcast creation? Genius!

Lindsay Bailey – expat Canadian and entertainment lawyer based in Austin, is working on a unique TV show, “City of Songs.” With episodes from Barcelona to Seoul in the works, the show explores the rich tapestry of global music cities, their cultural identities, and the captivating soundscapes they inspire.

Team photo of the lovely peeps that make up Cyber Love Garden cast and crew at Otherworld 2023.

Onwards and Upwards

Despite the curveballs thrown our way by the pandemic, the tenacity, innovation, and sense of community within this group truly shine. It’s a testament to what we can achieve even in the face of adversity.

As we continue this journey together, I’m certain we’ll witness more incredible feats of creativity and resilience. Here’s to the boundless possibilities the future holds for us all. Let’s ride this wave and rock on!

Making epic art with rad people is my happyplace. Get in touch and let me know what you’re up to and let’s rub our brains together!

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