The Art of Augmented Creativity: Balancing AI, Community, and Self

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Thomas Girard for an in-depth interview exploring my diverse experiences at the intersection of art, technology and community. Over the course of 20 thought-provoking questions, we touched on passions spanning my photography journey, philosophies on life and progress, visions for the future, and so much more.

Reflecting on our dialogue has given me new insights to share. As I explained to Thomas, navigating the three waves of internet transformation afforded me unique perspective. Though involved early, my focus remained integration – weaving mediums together creatively as new tools emerged. Guiding all is my belief that technology uplifts humanity most when used to interconnect souls.

Location too plays a role, as Thomas noted. During the pandemic’s isolation, I found solace within local BC communities of the Gulf Islands – Hornby Island and Galiano Island. Yet as a digital native, nationalism means less to me than participation in borderless online tribes. We are citizens of everywhere and nowhere all at once in this paradigm.

If starting anew, I’d tell my past self help is strength, not weakness, and trusting one’s authentic compass leads straightest. Technically, my Canon cameras and AI assistants like ChatGPT aid artistic growth – but cultivating what’s within matters more than gadgets alone.

As I expressed to Thomas, no two days contain the same experiences in my creative omnivore lifestyle. What remains constant is getting outside with my pup, connecting with collaborators, and openly documenting self-education – including by leveraging AI itself for personalized learning. My passion is fostering spaces where others can do the same.

A key takeaway from our dialogue is the exploration of emerging realms must consider implications thoughtfully while avoiding fear-based halting. With courage and care, those curious can experience augmented creativity firsthand through calibrated play. The future will involve tempering new capacities judiciously as collaborative tools.

While AI promises possibility, community endures as life’s deepest inspiration. As I told Thomas through references to Burning Man, people participate most meaningfully together rather than spectating passively. By sharing openly within circles of care like Dent, authentic bonds form across perceived differences.

Overall, I hope exchanges like this nourish further conversations where humankind charts emerging realms intentionally – following curiosities above all, yet also listening sincerely to diverse views and uncertainties and continually learning. Our greatest gifts surface there. For now, feedback is welcome at!

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