Artist Profile: Brandt Designs Envisioning the Future of Pool Tables as Art Installations

Hey there, fellow humans! I’m super excited to share some updates from my adventures in the Google Launch Lab. As some of you may know, I’ve been lucky enough to be part of this amazing program that’s all about exploring the intersection of art and technology.

One of the coolest things I’ve been working on is a series of interviews with some of the most fascinating humans in the field. I’ve had the chance to chat with artists, designers, and even a few AI experts, and let me tell you, their stories are truly inspiring.

Today, I want to share the first of those interviews… It’s with a guy named Daniel Brandt, who’s been making waves in the billiards world with his innovative approach to design. Trust me, you’re going to want to hear what he has to say.

Daniel Brandt transcends traditional craftsmanship, offering a glimpse into a future where pool tables become interactive art installations.

The pool table industry has remained stagnant for decades, relying on mass production techniques rather than artistic expression. One designer is looking to disrupt this status quo by pushing creative boundaries and challenging conventional norms through truly unique, custom designs. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Daniel Brandt, a pool table designer revolutionizing the space through his niche expertise and passion for bringing out each table’s hidden artistic potential.

A Niche Pursuit Requires Refined Skills

Brandt has been in the pool table industry for over 50 years, cultivating extremely specialized knowledge and hands-on engineering experience that allows him to conceive designs simply not feasible for most manufacturers. “The information in my head is so specialized—it’s like having a unique abilityt to move objects with my mind,” he mused. Through years of practice, Brandt has honed his craft to a degree that would be difficult for any AI system to replicate precisely.

While collaborating with others on conceptual designs, Brandt explained that engineering feasibility remains very much a manual process requiring his unique perspective and technical know-how. “I haven’t yet built something solely conceived through AI. There are still limitations, as the engineering aspects demand real-world testing and refinement.” This focus on practical engineering sets Brandt apart, allowing him to transform aspirational ideas into functional works of art.

Challenging Conventions Through Custom Creations

Brandt’s goal with each commission is to push creative boundaries by considering uncharted design possibilities. “Have you ever seen a pool table on an aquarium?” he challenged. “I want to get people thinking differently.” Through one-of-a-kind, custom creations, Brandt essentially acts as an art provocateur, consciously subverting traditional norms and challenging audiences’ perceptions of what a pool table can be.

Where most manufacturers rely on static catalogs of stock designs, Brandt relishes the freedom of a blank canvas with each new client. “The parameters are really limitless when you have a customized brief rather than conforming to preexisting molds,” he explained. This bespoke approach allows each table’s unique personality and story to shine through—transforming a piece of sporting equipment into a showstopping interior statement.

Brandt’s Philosophy: Teach, then Step Back

When asked about his involvement in local communities, Brandt discussed his approach as an educator rather than long-term participant. “I get brought in temporarily to help solve a specific problem or complete a project,” he said, essentially serving as a consultant. Once the work is done, Brandt’s role shifts from operator to observer. “My job is to teach and influence, then let people think for themselves.”

This philosophy resonated with me as someone also aiming to educate and empower others rather than perpetually lead initiatives. Brandt sees his expertise as a teachable asset to pass on to willing students. “Once the knowledge is shared, it’s up to others to continue the work independently.” In this way, he plays the role of teacher rather than long-term community manager, seeding ideas that can take root and grow organically.

Networking for Impact Over Popularity

When it comes to professional networks, Brandt could not care less about amassing followers or maintaining a polished online profile. “Social media feels self-congratulatory,” he remarked, preferring more meaningful avenues for growth. While maintaining a LinkedIn for professional purposes, Brandt’s primary motivation is sparking thought-provoking discussions to challenge conventional perspectives.

Similarly, Brandt remains unaffiliated with industry associations, valuing independence and direct action over prescribed agendas. “I can influence people one-on-one far more effectively than through any organization,” he explained. Brandt’s approach reminded me that true impact stems not from popularity, but from thoughtful leadership and original ideas—a refreshing perspective in our attention-economy driven world.

A Final Thought: Pushing Creative Boundaries

Through our discussion, several of Brandt’s core philosophies resonated with me. His distaste for superficial networking aligns with my focus on engaging communities through meaningful dialogues rather than fleeting interactions. Additionally, Brandt’s willingness to educate others before stepping back parallels my views on empowering others through knowledge-sharing over long-term dependency.

Most notable, however, was Brandt’s relentless pursuit of expressing each design to its fullest potential regardless of industry norms. This dedication to experimentation, problem-solving, and creative rule-breaking inspires me to similarly challenge conventions within my fields. Brandt proves that by cultivating niche skills, exercising independent thought, and constantly pushing boundaries, one person truly can disrupt an entire industry from within—one custom creation at a time.

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