Exploring the Intersection of Photography and Generative AI

Dive into the Future Proof Creatives AI Art Residency Program every Thursday in February for a series of enlightening discussions with Frank Yu. These free sessions will journey through the intersection of photography and generative AI, showcasing the transformative shift from traditional techniques to the forefront of digital innovation.

“I explore the liminal spaces where reality blurs into digital dreams. My art is a dialogue between human intuition and AI’s infinite canvas, crafting visions that challenge perception and invite the viewer to see beyond the visible.”

Frank Yu
Emergence of AI and Photography – Artist in Residence Frank Yu

Each week, Frank will uncover a different layer of this emerging field, from the foundational impacts of AI on art to the philosophical and ethical considerations it brings.

About Future Proof Creatives:

Future Proof Creatives is an innovative platform dedicated to the intersection of art and technology. Our mission is to empower artists through the exploration of digital mediums and AI, fostering a community that thrives on creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Through initiatives like the AI Art Residency Program, we aim to provide artists with the resources, support, and exposure needed to push the boundaries of their work and explore new creative horizons.


MØTLEYKRÜG Media stands at the forefront of the digital revolution, championing the fusion of technology and creative expression. As a collective of visionaries, we believe in disrupting the status quo, exploring uncharted territories, and building a future where technology enhances human creativity. Our ventures span across media production, digital art, and innovative platforms, all aimed at creating impactful narratives and experiences that resonate globally.

Join us for these thought-provoking sessions with Frank Yu and immerse yourself in the evolving dialogue between art and technology. This is a unique opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals, learn from industry pioneers, and be inspired by the potential of AI in the creative process.

For more information and to secure your spot in these free talks, connect with us on the Future Proof Creatives Discord channel. Let’s explore the boundless possibilities that lie at the nexus of creativity and technology together.

Step by steps holding hands into the future

As we gear up for Frank Yu’s enlightening series, we’re also reflecting on our journey with the Future Proof Creatives AI Art Residency Program. Last month, we had the privilege of hosting Johnny Hartman (IHAVEROBOTS) as our inaugural artist. Johnny’s pioneering work in “Building AI Companions” set a high bar for creativity and exploration at the intersection of art and AI. His residency not only showcased the potential of AI in art but also marked the beginning of a deeper exploration into this fascinating field.

Johnny has since transitioned into an administrative role, helping to shape the future of the residency program. His insights and experiences are invaluable as we continue to innovate and invite more artists to explore and share their visions.

For a glimpse into Johnny’s journey and the innovative ideas sparked during his residency, visit his documentation: John Hartman – Chasing the Muses.

As our program evolves, we’re on the lookout for more artists who are eager to dive into the world of AI and creativity. If you’re an artist passionate about exploring the boundaries of technology and art, we’d love to hear from you. Join us in this exciting venture to push the limits of creative expression through AI.

“Hand in hand, we’re stepping into the future, navigating the intersection of art and AI. It’s less about creating a divide and more about merging worlds, where technology amplifies our creative potential. As we move forward, each step is grounded in collaboration and exploration, challenging what’s possible. It’s a journey of co-creation between artists and AI, unfolding new landscapes of innovation. Here, at Future Proof Creatives, we’re not just participants but pioneers, shaping the narrative of tomorrow’s art, together.” – Kris Krug

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