The Lord of the Rings Drinking Game

Well, I finally saw return of the king last night. I thought it was (predictably) great, and I (predictably) kicked myself for having not seeing it on the big screen. I’ll probably watch it again tonight so I can see all the parts I missed while Melissa was chatting, cheering, crying etc.

Tonight when I watch it though I’m going to drink… and from the looks of things heavily. Tim and I made up a few rules to a Lord of the Rings drinking game today during lunch time. Let me know the results if you end up trying it out yourself. Use the comments feature on this site to suggest/add your own rules too.

Every time someone falls off a cliff… take a drink

Every time Sam cries… take a drink

Every time a close-up of Frodo’s eyes takes up more than 50% of the screen… take a drink

Every time you mistake the (male) elf briefly for a hot blonde chick… take a drink (NOTE: your ability to distinguish between the two is sure to diminish the longer you play this game, making this particular rule a very slippery slope)

Trying watching all three The Lord of the Rings movies… The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King… sequentially while playing this game and you have a whole weekend full of entertainment right there!