SXSW 2006

I’m just getting back into the Vancouver flow after my trip to Italy and now it’s time to hit the road again. On Thursday I leave for SXSW in Austin, Texas for 2 days. If you’ve never heard of it or been, here’s a few stats that should give you an idea what I’m in for.

• Showcasing Acts: 1331
• Music Venues Participating: 58
• Music Conference Participants: 8,604 (with band registrations 9,692)
• Approximate Number of Music Media in Attendance: 1,866
• Approximate Number of Music Trade Show Attendees: 11,000
• Number of Music Trade Show Exhibitors: 191

• Number of Films Screened: 180
• Film Conference Participants: 3,807
• Approximate Number of Film Media in Attendance: 459
• Interactive Conference Participants: 3,343
• Approximate Number of Interactive Media in Attendance: 424
• Approximate Number of Film/Interactive Trade Show Attendees: 8,000
• Number of Film/Interactive Trade Show Exhibitors: 125

There are going to be so many awesome bands there… I’m very excited. I pulled together a quick list of the ones I plan to catch while I’m there. I know there are a bunch of others too but they didn’t seem to be listed on the official venue and band page on the SXSW website. If anyone knows of any other ‘do not miss’ shows, please let me know.

I figure I slept about 30’ish hours my whole 12 days in Torino and between us at Bryght launching Backstage at SXSW, and having a booth in the tradeshow, and throwing a big party with some friends, it’s not looking like I’m gonna get much more than that in Texas either. Bring it on! 😛

SXSW VideobloggingOh yeah, I got picked by the SXSW crew to be one of their 6 videobloggers for the show. I guess I get a fancy Euro cell phone from them and a backstage, all-access, I’m a rockstar pass and my name on a bunch of guest lists. Woo hoo! kk+ over and out.