JPG Photography Magazine – Issue 8 Voting

A few weeks ago I blogged about submitting a few of my photos to JPG photography magazine for inclusion in their upcoming issue. Well, submission are now closed and 3 of my pics are being considered for publication. Please head on over there and take a look at them and vote for these 3 pics of mine.

“Free Radical” to Embrace the Blur

“The Streets of Italy” to Tourist

“Shower” To Intimate

I’m in it for the free subscription. Here’s the deets in case you are interested in submitting for the next issue.

Street photography is about getting out there, observing the public, overcoming your shyness, and documenting the world around you. It shows the world as it is, like holding up a mirror to society, capturing a moment in time.

So let’s see your best street photo! Remember: Photos in this theme must have been taken on a public street. And we’re not looking for photos of streets, we’re looking for photos taken on streets.