Seven Notes About Gnomedex

Magical Mystery Bus - Gnomedex 20081. Most effective presentation:
Beth Kanter – She raised $3,000 for a poor Cambodian to go to school.

2. Most effective single slide:
Earth from the Surface of Mars – Scott Maxwell

3. Most laughs from a presentation:
Earth from the Surface of Mars – Scott Maxwell – (LOLCAT Remix)

4. Favorite conference moment(s):
Meeting Drew, Sarah, Mark, and Amber and seeing Marcus, Buzz, Eric, and Robert again.

5. Favorite non-conference moment:
Picking up dreXel‘s painting at bHerd Gallery.

6. Coolest discovery (aha moment):
I learned I’m a Cyborg Anthropologist.

7. Favorite presentation:

Serial CyborgNate Wade
Welcome to the hybrid army.

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7 thoughts on “Seven Notes About Gnomedex”

  1. Nice dude, thanks for sharing. I’m jealous you bought that piece, it’s awesome.

    Nate Wade blew my mind too, what’s left of it after the magic bus. 🙂

    Cheers & Keep in touch.

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