DENT the Future 2019 Photo Recap & Gallery

Just back from Sante Fe where I was attending DENT the Future organized by Jason Preston and Steve Broback. DENT is an ‘ideas and inspiration festival’ featuring talks, workshops, adventures, projects, and goodtimes. We meet several times a year in places like Maui, Teluride and Napa and have formed a great support network of creative professionals who have become friends and collaborators.

Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA for DENT
People have long been telling me how much I’d enjoy New Mexico and Santa Fe definitely captivated my imagination. I enjoyed meeting so many Native Americans from Hopi, Zuni, Pueblo & Navajo nations and the whole area is steeped in art and rich culture.

My role at the event is Official Photographer and I’ve published a gallery of all the best images for your enjoyment. Pls check them out and share them around. If you’re featured in the images you’re welcome to download them and treat them as your own. While you’re here on my brand new website also pls put your email in the subscribe box and receive updates as they are published. Here’s the photos. Enjoy!

This is my 6th trip to the DENT Conference and has grown into a strong community. It was great to see so many people like buddy like Matt McKenna.
A big group of us snuck away before the conference to check out art sensation Meow Wolf’s Temple of Eternal Return Exhibition.
Ellen Petry Leanse at Museum of Indian Arts & Culture
A small group of us snuck away after Meow Wolf to check out Museum of Indian Arts & Culture where I was excited to check out Desiree Kane’s photography as part of the Standing Rock exhibit.
Jason and Steve kicking off DENT 2019 to a full house at La Fonda on the Plaza
Karate sparring class with Steve Broback and Zoe Bell
Lots of fun activities throughout the week including Dungeons & Dragons, art & museum tours, a poker tournament and this karate sparring class with Steve Broback and Zoe Bell.
Hopi and Navajo artist basket weaver artist Hopi & Navajo artist Iva Honyestewa

A Hopi/Navajo basketmaker from Second Mesa, Arizona, Iva Honyestewa was mostly known as a sifter basket maker. During her artist residency at SAR, 2014 Eric and Barbara Dobkin Fellow at the School for Advanced Research, however, Iva pioneered a completely new technique of basketry. Called pootsaya these baskets are a combination of the Second Mesa poota (coiled basket) and the more broadly made tutsaya (sifter basket). This new technique was a developed with the intention of bringing the sometimes fractured Hopi communities from which she comes together. Iva is currently only one of two people in the world working in this technique.

Barbara Rae-Venter
Barbara Rae-Venter is an retiree solving high profile cold cases.

Barbara is a Search Angel with helping adoptees find their birth parents and also helps teach the autosomal DNA classes offers to help adoptees use their DNA to find birth relatives. As a volunteer with, Barbara volunteered her time to work on a project for the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department Crimes Against Children Detail to identify, successfully, the immediate family of “Lisa”, a woman now in her 30s, who was abducted as an infant and did not know either who she was or where she was from.

Jill Heinerth
Underwater cave explorer Jill Heinreth shared her life’s work and talked about FEAR.

More people have walked on the moon than have visited many of the places that Jill Heinerth has seen on Earth. Jill is a veteran of over thirty years of filming, photography, and exploration of underwater caves around the globe for National Geographic, educational institutions, and television networks worldwide.

Tay & Val quit their jobs and their normal lives to chase their dreams and live an extraordinary life.
Tay & Val quit their jobs and their normal lives to chase their dreams and live an extraordinary life.

Award-winning filmmakers, Tay and Val left successful media careers, closed their production company, wrapped work on their nationally televised television series P.S. I’m Sorry, and set off to travel the world by bicycle for a documentary project to inspire dreams. Six years, three continents, more than 400 public talks and national radio and TV appearances (in twelve countries), and 2 TEDx talks later, Tay and Val settled in the Pacific Northwest as City Artists of Seattle. Committed to helping visionary leaders meet their call to greatness with clear-eyed vision, groundedness, and deep trust – they work with leaders and businesses around the globe who hear the call to rise and say yes.

Native American Glass Chandelier - La Fonda Hotel Sante Fe New Mexioco
Native American Glass Chandelier – La Fonda Hotel Sante Fe New Mexioco

I can’t say enough about the art. Every nook and cranny of the hotel and the whole town of Santa Fe was full of beautiful Native American style art. I brought home blankets, pottery and turquoise jewelry for my friends and family.

William Coupon Portrait by Kris Krug
Portrait photographer William Coupon portrait by KK
“And today’s youth desperately seek contact and attention from a generation of distracted parents addicted to their smartphones.”
Zoe Bell
Was fun to connect this year with badass Zoe Bell.
Ellen Petry Leanse
Friend and mentor Ellen Petry Leanse

Thanks for making it this far. Come to DENT next time around and let’s hang! 🙂 Subscribe for updates pls.