Exquisite Corpse: Collaborative AI Art Experiment on Discord w/ Midjourney Zoom Out

I. Introduction

Art and technology often dance at the edge of possibility. Recently, I joined a fascinating collaborative endeavor known as “Exquisite Corpse: Collaborative AI Art Experiment on Discord w/ Midjourney Zoom Out“.

This project, hosted on my Friends of Krüg (FøK) Discord server, was not only an artistic experiment but a rich exploration of creativity, community, and technological innovation. Here’s a glimpse into our journey.

II. The Creative Process

1. The Zoom Out Technique: The essence of this project lay in a deceptively simple idea: “Zoom Out.” Each participant took an image, zoomed out, and added their perspective, creating a cascading visual narrative.

2. Workflow: Our method involved selecting an image, upscaling it, and then using a “Custom Zoom” feature to adjust the prompt. This systematic approach allowed for individual creativity while maintaining cohesion.

III. Participant Contributions

1. My Contribution as KRÜG: Along with talented individuals like Cris Beasley, I had the pleasure of weaving in thematic elements like “cyber love garden” and “biopunk microcosm.” It was a playground for creativity, where each person’s touch added depth and intrigue.

2. Exploring Styles and Themes: From “arabesque geometric infusion” to abstract ideas, we ventured into various artistic landscapes. Each contribution was a unique voice in a chorus of creativity.

IV. Role of Technology

1. The Midjourney Bot: An AI, Midjourney Bot, became an unexpected companion, providing insights into image details and settings. It’s a testament to how technology can be an ally in artistic pursuits.

2. Discord as a Platform: Our entire adventure took place on Discord, highlighting the potential of digital spaces to foster collaboration and community.

V. Final Creation

1. Creating the Video: Crosstopher’s skill in stitching the images into a cohesive video added a cinematic flair. The result was not just a series of pictures but a fluid visual story.

2. Observing the Details: The final piece had intriguing artifacts and alignment, reflecting the organic nature of our collaboration. It was polished, yet retained the raw energy of our creative process.

VI. Conclusion

“Exquisite Corpse: Collaborative AI Art Experiment on Discord w/ Midjourney Zoom Out” was more than an art experiment; it was a testament to what’s possible when creative minds converge. It was an exploration, a learning experience, and above all, a celebration of art, technology, and human connection.

VII. Credits and Acknowledgments

A heartfelt acknowledgment to all who participated, especially Crosstopher and Cris Beasley. Your energy, creativity, and spirit were the lifeblood of this project.

The final video and the entire creative journey speak volumes about the untapped potential of collaborative art. Feel free to explore the final video here and share your thoughts.

As always, I’m here, exploring the edge of art and technology. If this resonates with you or if you’re curious to learn more, connect with me. Let’s continue to create, question, and envision the future of art together.