Newsletter 002: Rebirth and Revolution

From Vancouver to Virtual: Building Bridges in Art, Tech, and Human Connection

Hello Friends!

Big changes are afoot in my world – after enriching years on the islands, I’ve returned to the city lights of Vancouver. This move marks a new chapter, one fueled by a passion for exploring how technology and creativity intersect to shape our collective future.

I want you alongside me on this journey of rebirth and revolution. My independent voice allows me to delve into rebellious concepts and alternative lifestyles without restraint.

SCROLL DOWN: You’ll find links below to new podcastsblogs, and videos where I discuss empowering artists/creators through tech and finding our unique voices.

One post outlines exactly why I’m on this mission – check it out to fully understand my vision. I also want to shine light on what YOU are doing, so please share your latest projects or launches. Let’s lift each other up!

As a photographer, I rely on events to sustain my art and livelihood. This fall I’ll be at Future in ReviewDent the Future, HackCT and more – so if you hear of relevant gigs, especially community-focused ones, I’d be grateful if you passed them my way.

The journey is just beginning. Let’s reconnect in Vancouver, talk shop on my Discord server, and build bridges between art, tech, and human connection. The future is unwritten, and we get to write it together.

Upcoming Events:

  • Dent the FutureSeptember 10-13, Dent the Future is an invite-only community and annual conference for people who feel compelled to make a difference. · Sept 10–13, 2023 in Santa Fe, NM
  • HackCT: September 15-17, Transportation Hackathon: HackCT’s inaugural Transportation Hackathon, a three-day gathering designed to drive new transit solutions for Eastern CT residents.
  • Placemaking Summit: October 3, Join global and city leaders as we explore new frontiers in urban innovation, setting the stage for the creation of a possible Vancouver Innovation Hub—a place to supercharge our city’s global technology leadership.
  • Future in ReviewNovember 6-9, Future in Review is an action-oriented annual conference that provides executives and investors with a roadmap for the next 5-10 years of technology and the global economy.
  • Techonomy 23: November 11-14 “The AI Dilemna” I got invited to give a keynote at the tech festival Techonomy 23 in Lake Nona, Florida.

Community Shoutouts:

Phoenix Amara – My sister from another mista Phoenix started a sacred media agency – they’re supporting local entrepreneurs & orgs with 50% off services until Sept 15th.

Seth Cosmo Burton – If you’ve ever marveled at the blend of art and craftsmanship, check out my buddy Seth’s knife forge on Salt Spring Island. This isn’t just metal and wood; it’s functional art that you’ll pass down for generations.

Dustin Quasar – homeboy started a sweet kids show on YouTube “Ignite Childish Delight: Koobee Kids is dedicated to producing uplifting music and learning videos that radiate positivity, for children and parents all around the world!:

Michael Yagudaev – fun watching Michael skyrockets to success with his innovative startup CreativeFlow.AI, changing the game in AI-driven motion graphics solutions for designers.

Scott Alexander:, revolutionizes fan engagement in the music industry by blending tech and passion, all backed by 15 years experience in photography and music journalism.

News & Updates:

AI as Your Creative Co-pilot: A Down-to-Earth Guide for the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industries

If you missed my keynote on the impact of AI in architecture, engineering, and construction you can find the full audio recording plus my slides and visuals here.

Exploring the World of AI Image Generation with Artist Frank Yu – Kris Krüg – Photography & Visual Storytelling

Frank has been pushing creative boundaries with technology for over 15 years, and he’s now using AI to create stunning and thought-provoking images. We’ll take a look at Frank’s p…

Community Weaving: How Digital Interactions Shape Our Physical World

I delve into the big question that’s on everyone’s mind: “What the fuck are you up to KK?” And, even more importantly, “WHY?!?”

HackCT: A Mission to Revolutionize Rural Mobility in Connecticut’s “Quiet Corner”

I’ve been selected as a mentor and documentarian for HackCT, a Connecticut hackathon targeting rural transportation issues through technology and data science solutions.

Dent the Future

Dent has been more than a series of assignments for me. It’s where creativity meets community, and ideas take flight.

The Artist Profile of Charlie Blackcat Smith: The Johnny Appleseed of Burning Man

We dive deep into the ethics of art, the power of community, and how his work explores the complex duality of modern existence.

Burning Man Art Projects – Uncle Charlie’s Red Hot Cock & Tyson Ayer’s Shrine of Sympathetic Resonance

From fire-breathing sculptures to musical strings that echo the Earth’s frequency, check out the wonders of the Burning Man art community.

Trends in Impact Communications & Corporate ESG with Dr. Lisa Costa, Robert Scales and Melissa Orozco

Explore the ethical and technological nuances of AI in the communications landscape with us.

New MØTLEYKRÜG Podcast Episodes:

AI in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction with Kris Krüg

Fresh off his keynote presentation at the CSMPS Annual General Meeting, Kris offers an in-depth look into how AI is revolutionizing architecture, engineering, and construction.

Rural Roads & Ripple Effects: Building Community Through Digital

This isn’t just another episode; it’s a manifesto of sorts. I’m diving deep into the alchemy of creativity, tech, and community.

Creativity, Addiction & Redemption w/ Artist Black

Charlie Smith and I sit down to hash out life’s complexities. We keep it 100, discussing the highs and lows that come with a life devoted to art and community.

Burning Man Art Projects: Red Hot Cock & Shrine of Sympathetic Resonance

Two mind-bending art projects that have defined the essence of the festival.

New Videoblogs on YOUTUBE:

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