What is the unique value that female artists bring to electronic dance music?

By combining ecstatic energy and feminine artistry, talented young women in the electronic dance music scene are harbingers for the emerging paradigm.


Kytami, CloZee, Lux Moderna, Blondtron, A Hundred Drums & Applecat

Friends of mine have been working for a couple years on a feature-length documentary film about girl DJs and music producers called Amplify Her. The film is making great progress. Productions is complete and a ‘screener’ version has been showed to some test audiences.

No one could have predicted the meteoric rise of electronic dance music. From its humble origins to underground raves to packed stadiums, EDM has become the dominant genre for youth — an expression of their spirituality. Amplify HER is a visually dynamic, character driven feature documentary that offers intimate access into the lives of numerous emerging female artists.

To help promote the crew decided to take the 6 ‘stars’ (Lux Moderna, AppleCat, Samantha Blondtron Mathews, Kytami, CloZee and A Hundred Drums) and build Graphic Novels… transforming each of the films musicians into a super hero. THE BEST, most fun, most fulfilling, creative work is when I get to collaborate closely with other artists and this project was a good as it gets! Musicians, illustrators, writers, painters, photographers, cinematographers, droners, and more! All working together in a free-flowing and fun creative environment. Check out this unique and empowering summer collaboration made by a talented crew of creative peeps on Galiano Island X.

Animate HER is a six-chapter, female-produced motion comic series that expands on some of the characters featured in the Amplify HER documentary film using a graphic novel aesthetic.

Uninterested in simply re-telling the familiar tale of “women trying to make it in a man’s world”, this Bell Media Fund backed project explores the emerging feminine movement, asking a new question: what is the unique value that female artists are bringing to this realm?


Lux Moderna Photoshoot – Retreat Cove, Galiano Island – #AmplifyHER

Team includes: Chloé CloZee / Ian MacKenzie / Nicole Sorochan / Carol-Lynne Michaels / Jan Vozenilek / Kelsey Goodwin / Jesse Keefer

Learn more about the project by watching this video and pls consider voting for us in the South By Southwest Interactive Panel Picker! 🙂

Amplify Her Slidedeck from Ten One Films on Vimeo.

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